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2017-06-02 22:18:27 by Chliz

I will be starting a collab with someone, but I don't know who to collab with. I want a decent beginner, like me. You must use FL Studio and you must have serum. (and you can get it 9.99 a month on splice and cancel it) Make sure you aren't a pro, and post here and I will PM you


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2017-06-07 12:33:07

Bad thing that I'm a beginner and using FL studio but don't even have a serum....


2017-06-08 23:58:14

I am always willing to collab with someone!! I use serum and make dubstep, though I don't know what you're talking about with "the preset"... But I'm always open to collabs so you want to?

Chliz responds:

Oh sorry. I was writing that REALLY LATE at night and I wasn't really paying attention to what I wrote. What it meant was just serum


2017-07-01 18:36:49

Lol hi noval pixel. Isn't a serum for dubstep?

(Updated ) Chliz responds:

Not really, it can be used to make plucks and pads, etc. Dubstep isn't the only genre that can be made with serum. It is a wavetable synthesizer btw hi ringar