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New Musician!

2017-06-02 16:55:37 by Chliz

I am a new musician who is very young (check bio) and I love to make music. I think I am pretty advanced for my age and I think you should check me out if you would like to. I am new to newgrounds, so please give me some feedback on my songs.


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2017-06-03 04:23:44

One, I don't know how old you are because your bio says N/A.
Two, I took a listen to your tracks and I'm leaving my thoughts here.

"Remember Me" sounds like a hip-hop beat rather than house for the first 0:57, and then all of a sudden, 3/4 everything against a 2/4 house beat which really jars things.

"Nostalgia" has too many strong beats falling on the snare rather than the kick, which really throws me off.

"Flash" starts okayish, but then at the drop and buildup again, it sounds.... a bit meh. 1:18, and a few minutes before, and the section after, is decent.

"Special" is my favourite of yours; pads are nice and it feels full to my ears.

"Stars At Night" has a nice intro. When it gets out of the piano and goes into the pads, it feels better -- less repetitive. It feels unfinished somehow.

All of your songs suffer from the same things beginning composers suffer with: lack of EQ, reverb and panning. OK, maybe not so much panning (I can still hear things were moved left and right etc.), but volume control. The easiest thing for me to hear poor volume control on is the piano. You don't play each note at the same volume, do you? Your fingers will naturally give different volumes.

I'm saying this to you as someone who suffered the same problem in 2011-2012, when I first started composing digitally.

Three, never say you're pretty advanced for your age. It's an easy point for you to get roasted on, especially if the rest of NG finds someone who has achieved a lot at your age. Be humble, and be prepared to take even the most scathing of criticism, and be voracious at learning. You'll go places that way.

Chliz responds:

Thanks so much dude!


2017-06-03 04:25:37

EDIT: Just saw you're 11. Keep at it. I still stand by the other paragraphs I wrote.